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Spiral Freezer

The Spiral Freezer can freeze the Maximum amount of products in the Minimum amount of space, especially for products that need a long holding time.

Single drum or double drum Spiral Freezers are available, depending on requirements.

Products are evenly fed from the production line directly onto the loading freezer belt, which quickly transports the product into the low temperature-freezing zone.

The belt spirals up or down along the rotating drum until it reaches the top or bottom, depending on design, where the frozen product can be gently discharged from the freezer discharge port.

Due to the large belt surface available, products can be frozen in single layer or individually for IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) quality.

The Spiral Freezer is also available in a Containerized Unit, which is excellent for saving space.

Installation can be as simple as connecting the power and water tower on containerized versions.

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